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The Crow  

  dir Alex Proyas 1994






1 Discuss the narrative possibilities established in the opening sequence of The Crow







2 In the opening sequence of The Crow discuss the types of Camera Shots used and their effect or how they have been used to introduce settings, mood, possible themes and story.








3 From which characters point of view is the narrative presented   in The Crow. Provide examples to support your response.









4 Provide examples from a scene in The Crow where sound (such as music, sound effects or dialogue has been used to complement and enhance the story.







5. Discuss the character development of Eric Draven. What is his casual motivation?










6 Select a scene or sequence from the Crow and explain how editing has been effectively used to create rhythm, mood or atmosphere or to condense time and forward the narrative








7 Discuss the use of a highly effective visual composition used in a sequence or scene from the Crow and the effect or response it has on the audience









8 Discuss how lighting was used from a scene in The Crow to set the mood of a scene or to highlight a relationship between characters in the film












9. Provide an example of a sub plot from The Crow








0 Discuss how time is structured in a sequence or scene from The Crow










11 Discuss and provide an example of the style of a setting used in The Crow and what effect this has on the   story 









12 What does the term Closure refer to in film narrative?  Briefly discuss the closure of The Crow



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