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The type of audience that a media product has can have a signi cant impact on its level of agency or control. When a society believes that some audiences are more ‘vulnerable’ to the media, steps are taken to protect them. For example, children are seen to be more vulnerable to media that may harm or disturb them—younger males are thought to be more vulnerable to media that may make them violent and younger females to images that may have an e ect on their body image.


Some audiences are seen to have more agency over
the use of their media than others. Digital natives (the generation that has grown up with connected technologies and the internet) are said to have more agency in digital spaces than older generations, as they have a greater understanding of the platforms and tools that are used. Others claim that socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds a ect people’s agency in the media space—there is debate as to whether the media is now free and open to all or whether such factors a ect access to and use of these media platforms.

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