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Media Representations  Teenagers



  Year 9 Media Representations Teenagers



As we use the media either a little or a lot it is important to understand the way in which the media is constructed and represents information to its audience


When studying the Media it is important to  recognise that the media represents the world in which we live. A  representation is a depiction or construction of events or people as interpreted by its producer, creator and viewer


Understanding representations is very important, as it will enable you to develop a more sophisticated analysis of the reasons for the choices made by media producers in the way the represent Individuals – people- politicians - celebrities Social Groups – families- genders- ethnic groups Institutions - The Law Ideas – freedom equality Events - wars Issues- current debates


So What is a representation?


Representations are words, images, sounds or stories that stand for something else like ideas, people, groups, places, emotions or things. Representations say something about their subject beyond the literal meaning of words-, images or sounds. A red rose may be just a flower but it can also represent love, passion, classiness or gratitude depending on the situation in which the audience finds it How does the process of representation work?


The media represents or re- represents places, people, things, ideas and situations through a process of selection and construction. Because it is not possible to depict the world in its complex entirety the media selects those essential elements it requires to convey a message, ignores those elements it considers unnecessary and constructs representations for a particular audience and purpose What is a representation made of? The thing itself The opinions of the people creating the representation


One of the best ways to understand how the media creates representations is to  examine mewspapers or films or any media text and begin to break down the ways in which the Media create representations 


So we will begin this area of study by briefly examining a Media representation of a group in society that are often stereotyped

or misrepresnted by the Media




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