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    Falling Down Film Analysis








How well  can you recall the film ?  Try   this Trivia  quiz 


1.Question 1.Provide a cast and major technical production crew list and date of production from the opening credits  


(find it  -  here)


Question  2.Film narratives begin by creating numerous story possibilities and they usually close by resolving some or all of these possibilities in a way, which is believable and consistent in the story context.


Describe the issues and expectations established in the narrative in the opening scene











Question 3. The opening scene features many stylised camera shots and visual compositions that evoke tension. Discuss the use of these elements  and  their contribution to the mood of the scene.












Question 4 . How has the element of sound been used to complement and enhance the visual elements of the opening scene?





Question 5.Discuss the use of editing in the opening scene. Give reference to the pace and rhythm created through shot selection and editing.












Question 6. Discuss the significance of the  setting in the opening scene. Does the setting provide a metaphor for the central characters condition.?












Question 7.With reference to production and story elements discuss the introduction of the 2 main characters and explain

How they were established and developed

Their motivations and result of their actions

Their relationship with other characters.

Question 8. Falling Down uses a number of interrelating storylines to construct the narrative. Discuss the use of multiple storylines, how they are developed and how they are resolved. 


Question 9. Mise en scene – or visual composition is an important narrative element in creating a desired mood or to reinforce issues or motifs.

Discuss the use of 2 visual  compositions  in a scene/s  from the film that highlight or reinforce a theme, point of view, statement   or issue examined in the narrative. 

Question 10. Explain how the structuring of time is used in either the opening scene/ a nominated scene/or to structure the story throughout the narrative  



Question 11. Discuss the use of lighting and the contribution it has towards enhancing the mood and tension in the Korean Grocery scene.  











Question 12. Discuss the significance of the setting when the audience is introduced  to Fosters wife. How is she represented in the narrative.  How is Prendergast’s wife portrayed ? 




Question 13. There are many themes and issues explored  within the narrative. Discuss 3   recurring motifs , themes or issues that are  examined through the film .How may these link to the storyline and characters. 



Question 14. Explain the meaning of the term point of view in relation to how a narrative is presented. Then describe how one production element  works to convey point of view from a scene from Falling Down  


















Question 15. What is the causality for the following events:  

(a) Foster’s recognition of the little girl in the opening scene on the freeway

 b) The Hispanic gangland members’ demand that Foster pay a toll

(c) The Nazi surplus storeowner breaking Fosters gift for his little girl



Question 16. Provide a detailed analysis of one of the following scenes.


The Whammy Burger breakfast menu scene

The Nazi surplus store scene

Foster’s refuge in the grounds of the Plastic surgeons house


In your response select 2 production and 2  story  elements are analyse how they are used to engage the audience.


Production                   Story

Camera                       Character

Mise- en- scene          Setting

Sound                          Structuring of time

Editing                         point of view




Question 17 Film narratives begin by creating numerous story possibilities and they usually close by resolving some or all of these possibilities in a way, which is believable and consistent in the story context.


In relation to Falling Down Discuss the extent to which the narrative possibilities addressed in question 2   issues were resolved at closure of the film and the extent to which expectations were fulfilled


Answer with reference to production and story elements







Review the opening scene here

Students should answer each question making use of the notes relating to the story or production element by opening and saving the documents attached to each question . You should view the videos on this page  and your own copy of the text. There are further links to Falling Down resources  provided on this page also. When you have completed your responses  please email yourwork on the link provided at the bottom of the page.

Falling Down Trivia Questions 

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