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EXAM REVISION For FCCC Students only 






  Kick Start 

















Students should plan and structure their  approach to exam revision

In order to allow yourself the time for a full and comprehensive revision you should devote sufficient time revising  each area of study as covered in class by Mr Clyne 


Remember there  is no simple way or direct short cut in  revising  and preparing-  but there is a smarter way - and thats about getting started early- and being consistent in revising and completing practice exams . The end of year exam accounts for a large percentatge of your study score so its certainly worth devoting as much time and energy that you can

Exam format  - students should read  through the official VCAA exam specifications  document found at this link

and can access the VCAA 2018 Sample Media Exam at this link



  Year 12  Exam Powerpoint advice 




1. Narrative and Ideology 

 In the Narrative Unit it is a good idea to revise / view  the 2 Texts again that you wish to write about in Section A / B  of the exam 

 Mad Max 2  ( 1981)   Teachers / Class  Coursework 

 Mad Max Fury Road  ( 2015)   Teachers/ Class  Coursework 

 Further references   Mad Max 2 


                                 Mad Max Fury Road 

                                 Production context  Australia in the 1980s  


                                 Australia Events of 2015

                                 Stories that made headlines in 2015 

                                 America in 2015




2. Media Production process 

This section of the exam has been introduced to assess students understanding of the Media production process they completed in Unit 3 outcomes 2& 3 and Unit 4 outcome 1. As such there are no previous questions or examiners reports to reference . Sample questions from the VCAA sample exam include:

Describe how you intended to engage the specifed audience for which you designed your media product.( 3 marks )

Describe how the media codes and conventions that you explored were applied in your media production design. In your response, refer to narrative, genre or style.( 6 marks )

Explain how feedback processes used during post-production helped you re ne your media product.( 6 marks)

3 Media Agency and Control  

This unit should still be fresh in your mind as our most recent SAC. This unit examined the question of The Media's Influence and examined communication models and theories, research methods, arguments and evidence, audiences, and media regulation. 

Agency and Control Coursework notes 

Further references


Practice Exams 

Students are encouraged to complete practice exams made available by VCAA  and third party providers  to assist  your exam preparation and refinement

Exams will be posted  here when available 

VCAA 2018 Media Sample Exam 


Cross study specs and key knowledge and skills 

In the Ideology and Narrative Unit  students have commenced the course by viewing the 1987 Australian film Shame  . The following notes and  task  accompanies this introduction 

Introductory Questions : part 1  Shame    

Ideology and Social Values  

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