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Exam Revision



Students should plan and structure their  approach to exam revision


The documents below allow students to work back through the key knowledge and skill areas of each unit of Study that will be included  in the end of year exam


In order to allow yourself the time for a full and comprehensive revision you should devote time each day to  working through these documents


Remember their is no easy way to revise and prepare-  but there is a smarter way - and thats about getting started early- and being 

consistent in revising each day . The end of year exam accounts for a large percentatge of your study scoire so its certainly worth devoting as much time and energy that you can

Exam format  - students should read  through the official VCAA exam specifications  document found at this link

and can access the VCAA 2018 Sample Media Exam at this link




1.  Narrative and Ideology 


In the Narrative Unit it is a good idea to revise/ view  the 2 Texts again that you wish to write about in Section A / B  of the exam 


 You would select from  Bladerunner,  Nosedive


 Students should also access the sections of this  website  devoted to each area of Study 



WE examined discourse- social values and social issues during the production time and place. of our two texts  In our case we examined America during the Reagan administration  in the 1980s and discourses  about   Identity , Gender roles and  Culture. We also examined Nosedive ,  social media , culture  and global issues occurring during the series production -2016 

Cram Notes 

This document takes you back to the core skills and knowledge required when examining narrative codes and conventions .Its a lenghty document that should be used with one or two of your films - if you can work through this with 

your own concrete examples your really on your way to being prepared for the exam

2. Media Production process 

This section of the exam has been introduced to assess students understanding of the Media production process they completed in Unit 3 outcomes 2& 3 and Unit 4 outcome 1. As such there are no previous questions or examiners reports to reference . Sample questions from the VCAA sample exam include:

Describe how you intended to engage the specifed audience for which you designed your media product.( 3 marks )

Describe how the media codes and conventions that you explored were applied in your media production design. In your response, refer to narrative, genre or style.( 6 marks )

Explain how feedback processes used during post-production helped you re ne your media product.( 6 marks) 


3 Media Agency and Control  

This unit should still be fresh in your mind as our most recent SAC. This unit examined the question of The Media's Influence and examined communication models and theories, research methods, arguments and evidence,audiences, and media regulation. We examined media texts such as the TAC campaign and Television Violence and its effects. 

Media Influence Theories 

Media Regulation 

Agency and Control revision questions 


Case Study  Articles 

Cambridge Analytica and Data Harvesting 

Cambridge Analytica  everything you need to know 

Phone Hacking Scandal 

Netflix and regulation 

How Facebook decides what you see

Youtubes impact


This study booklet works through key skills and knowledge

and provides students with some sample responses .

Students are again encouraged to revisit the media influence

section of the website to access -other media texts -such as

Body Image ; Television Violence Computer Games 


On the VCAA website there are a number of past exams and examiners reports. However  with the introduction of a new study design, the examination papers accessed via the page link


are not necessarily a guide to the current VCE examination in this study.







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