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The   History of Photography  

The Original Analogue photography process 

Masters of Photography 

Photographer as Artist Assignment


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For this task students are required to conduct a Google search  “ Masters Of Photography” and review a number of   Photographers work

Select a Photographer you like and then Google their name to find of more about them

Copy and paste information you gain including images of their work

You are then required to complete a PowerPoint presentation or written research report  or video presentation /essay    based on your chosen Master of Photography




Your presentation  should include and will be assessed based on inclusion of the following research



Information about when the Photographer was born

background-family life - influences

How your subject became interested in Photography

Early training 

The Photography genre or style they became renown for 

Any significant developments they made

Any major exhibitions or awards 

Photographs  of their work.





Your presentation should contain 10 screens- transitions – and sound or written report should be 500 + words with images  / video  3-5 mins 




List of Photographic Genres

Photojournalism   landscape            sport      war    special effects            architecture         film       portrait            fashion            ethnic          travel           nature           aerial            marine

List of  possible   Photographers

Ansel Adams    Edward Weston   Man Ray   David Strick   Andre Kertesz    Cecil Beaton   Patrick Lichfield    Robert Cappa Roger Phillips    Harry Bakkers   Michael Boys     Bill Brandt H. Cartier-Bresson     John Hedgecoe      Eugene Smith     Dave Waterman David Hamilton       Takuya Tsukahara      James Henkel    Leo Mason Ozaki Kakuji   John Hillbom        Derek Gould    Louis Daguerre Edward Muybridge    Brian Duff     Mervyn Rees       Giuseppe Balla Shabbir Dossaji          Deborah Turbeville    Sacha   Sarah Moon Irina Ionesco   Caroline Arber    Karin Szekessy  Terry Phelan John Lamb       Bruce Postle       Kazumi Kurigami       Peter Magubane Annie Liebowicz      David Bailey      Rennie Ellis  Tony Ray-Jones Alice Springs        Marcia Resnick      Shirley Beljon                  Christa Peters Jo Alison Feiler      Linda Benedict-Jones          Frank Hurley       Diane Arbus Dean Brow  Wynn Bullock    Imogen Cunningham       Lewis Hine Jacob Riis    Aaron Siskind     Paul Strand     Alfred Stieglitz  Jerry Uelsmann   Weegee    Minor White     Walker Evans

or students may research and select their own providing your subject is a legitimite professional / renowned photographer 


Due Date  Monday Feb 18 

or  email and attach powerpoint to







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