Year 8  English Sample Unit
Year 8 Sample Unit


Learning intentions: 

What you will be learning Week 1 


 Learn how to investigate, evaluate and compare magazines and their different features 

 Learn how to decide on the type of magazine you‟ll produce, the audience and the topics of your feature article and editorial 

 Learn how to plan the layout/proposed details 

 Learn how to recognize formal and informal language 


Week 2 


 Learn how to write a feature article 

 Learn how to write a letter to the editor 


Week 3 


 Learn how to write a review 

 Learn how to write an editorial 

 Learn how to design and create the magazine cover 

 Learn how to design and create an advertisement 


Week 4 


 Learn how to publish your magazine 

 Learn how to evaluate your work 

 Learn how to punctuate 


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