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Past Media Students 

Here are just a small snap shot  of some past Media students who  were once just like you - sitting in a classroom eager to learn -and work on their production -  follow their passion - to develop and   excel in their chosen field 

Deborah Peart

Deborah Peart  studied Media at Santa Maria College in Northcote  and in her year 12 production  wrote and directed " The Playground Neurotic" struggling with a clunky analogue edit controller back in the 90s that  wouldn't program  edit points Now Deborah is  Australia’s most sought after screen drama editors.

Her career began in 1997, working  as both an assistant editor and post production supervisor on some of the countries most prolific television productions including State Coroner, Marking Time, R.A.N and the sci fi cult classic Farscape to which she became an Associate Producer in its final season.

In 2005 she edited her first series, The Surgeon for  producer John Edwards. Dangerous, South Side Story, The Straits, SLiDE and 6 seasons of the Underbelly franchise were to follow. Recent work includes Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door, Deep Water and Wake in Fright.

Deb has worked with some of the country’s most respected directors including Peter Andrikidis, Wayne Blair, Emma Freeman, Glendyn Ivin, Rachel Perkins, Leah Purcell, Shawn Seet, Kriv Stenders, Cherie Nowlan and Tony Tilse.

She has received multiple AACTA and ASE nominations with two wins for her work on The Code & Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities respectively. In 2013 the Australian Screen Editors Guild recognised her body of work and commitment to building the profile of the local editing community by way of accreditation, the guild’s highest honour.

In 2015 she was included on “The IF list”, which recognises the industry’s most prolific practitioners

Julien Hutchens

Julien studied Media at Xavier College in the 90s  and in his  year 12 production completed

an   Animated  short  that  took out    the ATOM  award for  overall best  student production.

He graduated from    university with a degree in   design, and was offered an internship  for

six months  at  Complete Post, followed by a   full-time job, where he worked for four years.

Julian  moved to London, and  after dropping his   showreel to VFX studios around     town,

he picked   up a small   contract working at Smoke & Mirror as a VFX artist. Then he joined

the VFX team at  Framestore  London.  Since then Julien has created VFX and 3D  in films

such as  Tomb Raider, Blade Runner,   Paddington 2,  Alien Covenant,   Mowgli,   Fantastic

Beasts,   Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2,    King Arthur:   Legend of the   Sword,     Beauty &

The Beast,   The Legend of Tarzan,  Harry   Potter & The   Deathly Hallows Part 2, Edge of

Tomorrow,War Horse, Clash of the Titans,47 Ronin,Narnia:The Voyage of the DawnTreader,



   Leo Dihn      







Leo studied Media at Taylor's College  from  2010 and in Year 12 directed  Soul Revenge a short film featuring Leo's 3D modelling and Visual effects skills.  ( featured  in our film section) When Leo returned home to Vietnam he established his own Motion effects and Animation  business . Leo is am an Animator, Creative Director and CEO of Red Cat Motion. He assist brands and connects consumers via animation, storytelling and creative solutions. His work includes  TV Commercials 2D and 3D Animation Teasers and Promos  Animated Short Films

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