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Media Representation Practical tasks

To complement our   Media representation Theory students will be challenged to complete a series of practical tasks where they will utilise theeir knowledge of media codes and conventions and creative skills

Task One

For this task students will design an advertisement using

Photoshop for one of the  products below


The challenge of this  Task  is to use one of the following brand names






as the  name  brand for either 


Sports wear –

Perfume or cologne

Fashion label-

Music Festival/Label 



The student must use a current photograph of themselves – or have a photo  taken suitable for one of the products  above -  before this assignment commences ( MOn)


-If you are taking a photo-  give consideration to composition- either a full body shot – waist to head – or shoulders to head


 setting or location – consider the background



You must include the logo and name of your chosen product

You must include a slogan in your advertisement


You must consider carefully – the style of your advertisement should meet the image of typically  elite companies.


Sports wear  brands - 

Consider the sport you will represent- e.g Basketball- Boxing- Athletics- Triathlon

                                                                - Martial Arts – Football – Baseball- or your   own nominated sport

 Perfume or Cologne


Fashion Label  -   


Assessment:  Criteria  : Adherence to the design brief-  include  logo - slogan

                                       Photographic  composition

                                       Adherence to style and image of product


                                       Time management- ability to work in class to deadline


Students have on efull week  to complete this task 


Student submission should include your name on the back – and work printed on A3 glossy paper


Due Date Wednesday  March 22

TASK: TWO  Create a magazine cover  using Photoshop:


Structure : Most magazine covers include





























A Masthead that contains non- changing features such as the magazines title and price

A logo

A motif that identifies the theme, such as  the platypus peeping out from the Australian Geographic Title

A Photograph / drawings  advertising specific features

Subheadings which preview some of the feature stories

Bold or highlighted  announcements of competitions and quizzes, posters maps and lift out sections


Language Features

A short sharp title that is easy to remember,

A short statement of the magazines main theme- placed directly underneath  the title

Catchy headlines 

Questions to confront and involve the reader

Rhyme – such as  Beckham  id reckon





A good cover needs to accomplish four things:

1. Identify the personality of the magazine.

2. Attract the target audience

3. Lure the reader into the magazine

4. Establish a visual identity (consistent use of format)


To  begin

Open Photoshop

Create New file  - My magazine cover  -

For this exercise we will set our photoshop document at A3 size

Height 42 cm   Width   29 cm-  Resolution – 300 DPI /  RGB colour


Remember to work in separate layers for the various elements  on the cover page


Masthead- -  Dateline -Photo – Main Cover line  - Sub coverlines -  Bar code


Your magazine cover will assessed  on whether you included the above elements and how you carry out unity in your magazine cover.


Unity can be achieved by carrying out a common theme in the type styles, photos, story titles and descriptions.  Do all the parts work together?


Think about readability, can you read the type against the background?

Is the type style readable?

Are the sentences too long?

Are the titles descriptive enough to make you know what the article is about? Does the type size signify the importance?


Does the photo or photos support the theme?

Does the photo catch your eye? Is it too busy or too simple?


How is your effort and craftsmanship?

You will need to be selecting, cutting, pasting and cropping.

Does your cover look professionally neat?























Timeline   2 weeks 

Presentation: Stiudents may either submit  their magazine cover in printed form or as a digital file. The file must be 

save as a JPG 

Upload here if  submitting as a digital file  

View Assessment Rubric 

Media Representation – Task 3    Photography Calendar





Your final component of Outcome One – Media Representation is to create a calendar where you will take a photograph for each month= 12 Photographs:

You must select one of the following topics to represent in your calendar

Alia College- each photograph should be a representation of events- relevant to each month- you could consult your school diary for assistance- Egg- January- a photo that represents the school year commencing: February – a school activity – such as the Chinese year celebrations at Taylor’s or the bush dance

Melbourne- A series of photographs that promote different sites in the city of Melbourne- e.g.- Federation Square- Crown Casino: Docklands- Myer Music Bowl: National Art Gallery, South bank: Melbourne Central: Flinders St Station: Cathedrals etc

Fashion- A series of photographs that represent different fashion wear typical of each month- e.g. Summer –Autumn Winter Spring

Sport- A series of photos that represent different sports 

Portraits- A series of photos representing different cultures for each month- or different age groups – or a particular age group

Vehicles- A series of photos that represent different models- styles of cars or different modes of transport- trains- buses- trams- motorcycles- horse and carriage- bicycles- roller blades- motor scooters etc

Music- a series of photographs that represent different styles of music- or instruments or different bands

Animals- you could go to the Melbourne zoo

Numbers – use the theme of numbers for each month

You have the final 2 weeks of Term One to complete this task

You must first take up to 30 digital photos over the long weekend

You will then incorporate your photos + the calendar date in Photoshop

In class over 8 lessons you will use Photoshop to design your calendar and print each page – we will then have your pages bound so that your calendar will be completed.


Commence by visiting the following web site to gain sample Calendar templates.         You will need to download a template for each month. The template will open in Photoshop- showing layers which you can edit.

You will need to create a particular style for your calendar-  S0think carefully about the TEXT you use and the way it is formatted- designed etc



You may wish to apply filters to your photographs  or use Image adjustment tools


You may also wish to apply special dates to commemorate on each calendar month

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