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Exam Revision

Further to our exa revision class students should ensure they study the following


Section A  Short Answer Questions 


The short answer questions are taken from the 4  worksheets completed in class : The answers to the worksheets can be found in the document below. Students are encouraged to study the responses.









Section B


Their Masters of Photography research powerpoint presentation.In this part of the exam student will be required to answer the following questions 


  1. Explain how your artist became interested in Photography.

  2. Discuss their background or formal training in Photography

  3. Explain their style or genre of photography and   

  4. Discuss and explain some of their photographs and what you admire about their wok



Question Two

Describe your most preferred field work exercise from the 5 completed and in particular discuss the compositional qualities of one of your photographs that you were most pleased with.


students should read over the exercise tasks we completed outside  and recall their  most preferred  task. You will then need to recall one of your own photographs and describe it exaplaining why you like it and what features are good about it.

The features would relate to composition techniques which you can also brush up on  reading the composition notes on the website


Question Three

Explain how you designed and built your own photography website and some of the functions and features you used to organise and complement your photographs.


This question requires you to explain how you built your website using wix and features you used. So you need to describe the template you chose- how your organised each section - for example  exrecise one -   four: Your about me page :   How did your organise your photos for display? did you add  a gallery  or use the one already provided. Did you use any animation ? What kind of fonts did you use for your text 



Section C


Multiple choice and short answer  questions :  Also taken from the  worksheets 


You should also look over the page on composition - and give particular attention to  The Rule of Thirds  







Open this document  to read worksheet answers

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