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Photography exercises 

                Photography Website / Assessment



For the Photography Unit student fieldwork photographs   will be assessed on their Photography    website.

go to www.wix  and sign up  -  view and select a template you like  - personalise and adjust  elements to your liking 


Students must ensure they feature at least 3 of the following pages to demonstrate your understanding of the photography exercises


Interpretative    Composition    Motion    Portraiture     The Photo Essay


If students require further photographs   from any exercise they will have the opportunity to take and upload them this week


 Please ensure


  • You select the best photographs from each exercise to display on the relevant page


  • You may wish to include captions or a title under each photo


  • That you include an About Me page – where you can introduce yourself- include your interests –upload a photo (optional)



           Please do not include your address or phone number on any pages.

           You may however provide an email address




Your website will be assessed on the quality technique creativity and originality of your photographs in each section.


Your overall website design – functionality (ease of use) navigation and user engagement will also be assessed


Students will need to provide their URL address on the assessment sheet in order for your website to be accessed for assessment

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