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VCE Video Productions 

Playground Vision 

The Last Stand 


Soul Revenge
The T Shirt
Max Weatherseed  Australia

Tech Exercise

Dylan Zitnich Australia 

Dan Agar Australia

The Branch

Ye Rim  : Korea

Behind the screams 

Dan Agar   Australia

Lacey or Laken

Call me Baby

Ryo Australia

What Happened to Mobile Games

My Day in 60 secs

Gang Z
year 11 Vietnam
Fiquar:  Indonesia

Global Waming Advert

by Jessica  : Australia

Cyber Stalking

Year 11 Group China

Production Exercise samples

The Hairdryer
Leo Dihn Vietnam
Leo Dihn Vietnam
Leo Dihn Vietnam

Northern Oz 

Lachie Taylor  Australia 

Hardware Lane
Bob Nguyen Vietnam
memories within tempation
Bob Nguyen  Vietnam

Climbing the Walls

Jason : China

Benson Crick          Australia

Sports Promo

The day in the life of Mark
Benchmen   Australia 
Not a machine
Krystal    Australia 
Elizabeth    Australia 
The Interview 
Adrian Giovanucci
Andrew Ronay Jenkins
Paddling for refugees
Michael Allen

How Embarassing

Year 10 Group China

VCE Media Promo 

The Black Document

By Victor  :   Hong Kong

A Class Act  

Year 10  Media 

The Suspect

by Emma O. Australia

Presentation Night Part 1 2019 

Presentation Night  Part 2

Reading into Chopper  draft    Australia

Flinders Presentation night

2019 part 1

Flinders Presentation night 

2019 Part 2

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