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  • Area of Study 2  Media forms in production

  • Representation, the construction of meaning, distribution, audience engagement, consumption and reception of the media provide the inspiration for students to explore ideas and develop media productions.

  • Students work in two or more media forms to design and create media exercises or productions that represent concepts covered in Area of Study 1. Students evaluate how the characteristics of their selected media forms, which they design and produce, infuence the representations and construction of the productions.


  • Outcome 2

      On completion of this unit the student should be able to use the media production process to design,          produce and        evaluate media representations for specifed audiences in a range of media forms. 




Film :


students may elect to specialise in one Media form – However you will still need to produce 2 films –working across different genres. If could be the same topic presented in the genre of Sci fi   or fantasy – then the same topic presented as  a Western or Horror or drama – or any other genre – or alternatively a different topic but in a different genre


The Approach


Research and consolidate your idea


1   Complete   a storyboard.:


Awkward:   How Embarrassing: Oops I did it Again    Running late: The exam: The Accident: Love and other Catastrophes A Funny Thing happened:  Fear ​


2. Write  a script for a 5-10 minute short film


3.Organise casting, costumes (if needed) and locations for your production.


4.Film your production


5 Edit your production Students may use their own editing program or use Adobe Premier on the school computer.




Complete a Photography Calendar on a particular theme –topic or idea


Then complete a  folio of  5-10 Photos selecting one of the following topics 


Urban landscapes : Country Landscapes : Street Art :  Fashion :   

The Approach 

Research your topic 

Select locations 

Take 20-40 Compositions

Select your best 10 

Refine in Photoshop


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