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VCE Media Extended Holiday  Study Program 

Subject: Year 12 Media


Website    :  1.6  Falling Down Questions

                     1.4  Nosedive  Questions 

                     1.1 Practice SAC

                     2.1 Production skills

Learning Intention(s):


  • Complete Narrative and ideology questions 1.4 and 1.6  for feedback in preparation for the Media Sac during week 3 Term 2

  • Complete Practice SAC  (bottom of page 1.1 ) in preparation for the Narrative and Ideology SAC


  • For students to understand plan and engage in specific production exercises to explore technical equipment, media processes and the aesthetic qualities of their media form  2.1 -2.2



Over the extended break, you must complete the following tasks:


Complete Questions on Falling       1A

Complete Questions for Nosedive  1 B

Narrative and Ideology Practice      SAC


Complete Documentation for Production Exercise One 2.1-  2.2  in Website

Statement of   Intention; Codes Conventions examined:  



Then proceed to exercise One -Record and complete exercise:  Complete written evaluation     


Exercise Two and Documentation should be completed during the Term holiday break


Extension work 

Complete reading of Articles in 1.4 – 1.5  –Narrative and Ideology   for both films


Upon completing your 2 Production exercises 


Continue with Design Plan – Statement of Intention .  Audience -Visual and Written documentation from 3. Media Production Design Format


Due Dates in Term 2  

Narrative and Ideology SAC April 24

Production Exercises May 1


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