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  Year 11 Unit Two  Outcome One  Tasks






Outcome One:  Exercise  One


Specialist role in a media production


Select one production role from those listed in production stages document    in either  television and film production or  magazine or newspaper production


      Complete a 10+  screen power point presentation that examines

  • the nature and duties of your chosen specialist production role:

  • Your power point presentation should also give reference to the  specialists role within pre production:  production and post production

  • You may give reference to a specific individual working in the Media industry.


This will comprise wide research on the internet . Sourced material must be referenced in a bibliography




  To Assist this Task  use the following  reference  



Outcome One Exercise Two


Students complete a Production Design Plan


Your design plan will include: Ideas Investigation : Written Planning documents: ( may include treatment, screenplay, shotlist, callsheets), visual planning documents ( storyboards) Weekly Journal entries 


Media Production


A. Produce a short  film   between 4- 10 minutes – You may chose any topic for your storyline ( providing it is not offensive)  You may chose any genre . It may be non fiction or  a documentary or a  music video


B Produce a  music video 


C A radio play 


D Produce  a  VCE  bulletin/ magazine : This would comprise group members being organised into the following specialist roles: Editor : Journalists: reporters : graphic designers


An anthology of Photographs : or   A photographic Calendar






           Copy and download the storyboard for Video











































Outcome One Exercise 3

Advertising is one of the most pervasive and all-encompassing forms of communication in the modern world. Newspapers, magazines, television, radio and the Internet all convey advertising messages to consumers. While businesses primarily use advertising to deliver information on their products and services, advertising methods also raise awareness of social issues. Powerful images, resonant music and well-worded text can evoke feelings in viewers to promote societal changes.


Create a social awareness advertising campaign  based on one of the following


The environment

Anti  Smoking 

Safe Work practice 

Cyber Bullying 

School Bullying

Mental Health

Anti Drug awareness 


Option A   Write and produce  a  60 second  Social Awareness television advertisement that raises awareness and encourages action:


This can either be a group production ( 2-3 students) or an individual production


Option B :  Create  2   A3   Visual  Social Awareness Advertisements  


This task can be completed in  pairs  or individually or individually




Option A Social awareness TV advertisements

TAC  Drink Drive Road Safety 


Work Safe Advertising Campaign.

Anti Smoking Campaign.

Save the environment Campaign

Anti Bullying Campaign

Anti Drug Campaign

Anti Cyber Bullying campaign

Responsible use of technology campaign.

Mental Health Campaign.

Skin Cancer prevention campaign.

Health Awareness campaign

Option B  Social Awareness Print advertisement

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