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Technologies of Representation


Year 11 Production   classes


As Year 11 and 12s are timetabled together for practical classes – Year 11s will also engage in a Media Production Design Plan – but where the focus will be on integrating Unit 2 – Technologies of Representation   Outcome Two


AREA OF STUDY 2   Technologies of representation


In this area of study students produce representations in two or more media forms. Students analyse how the application of the different media technologies affects the meanings that can be created in the representations. The implications for the creation, distribution and consumption of these representations are also discussed. Media technologies, materials, techniques, applications and processes are used to construct representations in a variety of ways. Different media forms may have features and practices in common, but in production display unique characteristics or practices. Students consider the use of codes and conventions to convey ideas and meaning in representations within the context of the technologies used to construct these representations.


Outcome 2 On completion of this unit the student should be able to construct media representations in two or more media forms and compare these representations that are produced by the application of different media technologies.


So this means Students will create a modified Media Design Plan – that will include

Chapter One : Investigation – Here is where you will brainstorm your idea –First you have to decide on what you wish to represent – your theme –topic-idea  . Next you would decide on the 2 media forms you are going to use. For example one form may be a digital photograph – the other could be a short video – or magazine cover – Once you have determine what 2 media forms you will use then you need to build on your idea for each form and research and   document inspirations and influences  - for each medium you intend to use – then   discuss the audience your product is aimed at .


Chapter Two – write a statement of Intention that will include your Topic/ Idea or Theme - and then discuss the two media forms you will use to communicate your topic – Discuss what you aim to produce in each media form and   discuss the audience you are targeting in each media form


Chapter Three Specifications: Here is where you can include some technical information about how you will create your representation in each Media form : For example if you intend to produce a short video  which could be  called Fear – you should include a storyboard-  write down your script – use of music – and sound effects – and settings-


Then do the same for the  other medium you will be using : e.g- Photograph representing fear – so you would include a drawing of how you intend to compose the shot- the angle used- the setting where you intend to take the shot- the time of day


The challenge in getting started on your plan is to think of the topic that you wish to represent : You will be expected to work on this plan during prac classes and outside of school- You will have 4 weeks to complete this modified plan – before start your productions 


You will have 5 weeks to complete this task which includes:


your  production  plan         20%  - including 3 chapters presented in an A4 display book

2 productions each worth    35%  

your  written evaluation       10%  where you will compare these representations that are produced by the application of  different media technologies.



Due Date :  May 28


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