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Y11 Media Extended Holiday  Study Program 

Week Beginning: 9 - Holiday Break

Subject: Year 11 Media   Vincent Jerome Yvonne 


Website:  1.8 Video Production Task      Vincent / Jerome

                1.9 Gender   

                 Vincent / Jerome / Yvonne

                 1.7 Yvonne

Work to complete 

      Vincent / Jerome

  • 1.8 Complete a script and storyboard – film and edit your production 

  • 1.9 Complete task 1 and one further task from 2 or 3



       1.7 Photography Compositions

       1.9 Complete one of the tasks 



Over the extended break, you could also complete the following tasks:



Yvonne –take more photographs for your calendar


Vincent Jerome-


Engage in making more short films /animations or zines



You should also view:

One Australian film from the New wave period – e.g. post 1970 

Wake in Fright Walkabout   The Cars that Ate Paris:  Picnic at Hanging Rock


To extend yourself you could:


Critique and write a 500+ word written review or podcast


Due Dates in Term 2  

Production     April 24

Written Tasks April 22


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