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Criteria 4 Demonstrated interpersonal and communication skills. Demonstrated experience in establishing and maintaining collaborative relationships with students, parents, colleagues and the broader school community to support student learning, agency, wellbeing and engagement.

Student agency encourages students to set a goal, reflect and act responsibly to effect change. 

Students who find their own voice in supportive schools are more likely to develop a confident voice, a capacity to act in the world and a willingness to lead others. Student engagement is enhanced when students feel able to exert influence and participate more fully in the classroom, school and community.

Voice, agency and leadership represent different aspects of student empowerment. Each aspect relies on a student's belief that they are both supported and empowered, in ways that help them to develop their knowledge, skills and dispositions in the classroom, school and community. This requires a deliberate, planned and coherent approach to embedding voice, agency and leadership within a positive climate for learning.

  • I have a high level of written and verbal communication skills cultivated through my vast experience in education as a teacher and subject coordinator where I have proposed and implemented departmental policy and procedure. During my term as coordinator at Xavier College I transformed the Media Department by implementing a strategic model for success. This commenced with a comprehensive review of the current program and the formulation of a four-year strategic plan which I presented to the school council. I would regularly meet with the Director of Studies to present further curriculum proposals and with the school Principal to initiate resources and new facilities. The close collaboration with key stake holders at the school also ensured the successful implementation of my strategic plan. The outcome of exercising refined and measured written and verbal communication skills enabled the successful integration of a reformed Media Department which transformed student interest in the subject, attracting an unprecedented 450 students across 24 classes from year 9 – VCE 

  • I have developed a media student body to provide Co-curricular initiatives for students with challenging behaviours to encourage them to engage in promoting their sense of self and identity in their school environment through a television productions and college newspaper. This empowered students in their learning - being responsible for  creating content - editing - presenting - crewing and broadcasting their own student television program 

  • I developed a social justice study tour of Vietnam and Cambodia aimed at providing students with a unique life experience. The tour was designed in collaboration with relief agencies, orphanages and a school for the blind to encourage students, with teacher support, to gain an awareness, empathy and appreciation for those less fortunate. 

  • I am active in engaging with parent groups as an integral collaboration in a student’s holistic development. I have been actively involved with Fathers mentor groups, Parent support groups and networks through extra-curricular initiatives and through the Visual Arts. 

  • I regularly liaison with student home stay families, carers and agents. As a home stay host provider for 15 years, I have direct experience with the challenges that confront young people and adopt supportive interpersonal and communication skills to cater for their needs to enable their successful transition within the community and to achieve academic success.


  • As a homeroom teacher, I regularly engage with parents to report and provide feedback on student progress or any areas of concern. I place significant attention to this role where the collaboration of teacher, student and parent is on ongoing partnership through the student’s education. 

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