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Film Studies Unit 

In this unit students are introduced to the key components of film studies theory, and will look at how film texts and industries can be analysed. By attending lectures and tutorials , completing prescribed readings , participating in class discusssions, delivering oral presentations , practicing a range of different writing skills including contributing to an online Glossary, students will acquire a range of practical and conceptual skills which will prepare them for their first year Communication studies sequence​

Blade Runner  Student Notes 


The powerpoint   notes provided  introduce students to the production element of Mise en scene . Students are required to read through the powerpoint and answer the questions.


Students are also required to complete a powerpoint assignment  based on  the topic outlined in the powerpoint. 


Click on the Monash presentation icon to begin

Blade Runner part 1 


View Part One of Bladerunner to  assist you to Answer Questions 1-3 of the power point  

Blade Runner part 2


View part 2 of Bladerunner to assist you to Answer Questions 4- 6 from the powerpoint 

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