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Term 2  Online Schedule 

Alia Y12 Term 2 Schedule.png

Week 1 Term 2  April  15       Important  Dates   

Narrative and Ideology SAC     Wed May   6  New date

Production Exercises                Mon  May  4

Production Design Plan           Wed June  3 

Students should ensure they keep to the schedule for their production design plan as at this time the date remains fixed 

Further authentications will occur during the term - so students should email digital samples of their work if unable to attend Alia


Students must complete Narrative questions for Nosedive and Falling Down  

Students should also be working on their Production exercises which commenced in the final week of Term 1 

Week 2 April 20

In preparation for the SAC students should complete Narrative questions for Falling Falling Down and Nosedive 

1. To assist with answering Questions for Falling Down  access this Question and Answer Help  Document Further resources such as  Falling Down Essay  provides further useful information to assist. For the Ideology component  of Falling Down use Ideology Film Study for Falling Down

2. You should also Answer the Questions for Nosedive  Access  the Nosedive Page here    and further documents about Nosedive and Society  here. 

I have also added Ideology study in Nosedive which contains  a revision of Edrolo,  documents specific to Ideologies in the film , some events of the production period and some sample responses

Extension:   Students should also study the documentation and videos attached to each page on these links Events and ideology of 2016    and  Events and Ideology of 1993 .- and also access the Ideology Study in Falling Down 

Students are highly recommended to complete the Trial SAC  for further preparation and email me at Alia for assessment and feedback 

VCCA in week 1 of Term 2  informed schools of the following: 

Unit 3

 As Unit 3 is in the process of delivery there will be no changes to the teaching and assessment program as outlined in the Study Design. Teachers should proceed with their current teaching and learning programs to allow Unit 3 to be completed as designed. We will provide advice in the week commencing 20 April 2020 on which Unit 3 school-based assessments can be completed remotely, and those needing to be completed on site in recognition of their practical nature and the facilities required for an authentic assessment. On-site assessments will need to be prioritised with appropriate timetabling and arrangements to ensure adherence to social distancing measures

3.Students should also this week be advancing their Design Plan : Chapter 3   Production exercise 1 should have already been completed from the Holiday Work instructions  and the second  exercise and documentation  to commence this week . Both exercises and documentation are  due on Monday May 4 .  

If students need to access the comprehensive powerpoint discussing the exercises and documentation the Powerpoint is available here  

Students can access the Documentation   template  here

Extension : Students should commence Chapter 4 of their Design Plan. Detailed information of what to include can be found in the Chapter 4 link 

Finally - student should access this video made by a Year 12 student  explaining how she  put together her Production Design Plan .  This link is Part  A  -  with Part B also available on Youtube 

Week 4  May 4

To refine your knowledge for the Narrative and Ideology SAC  -review this document 

and for codes and convention cram notes 

Week -6  May 11

Students progress to Chapter 4  of their Design Plan  :

In the event of issues with google classroom  access work here  

Students are also required to submit the authentication form 

shared to your teachers email address

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