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Basic Audio Editing in FCP X 10.2
In this session we are going to  adjust audio levels and channel configurations and  keyframing audio
 Play this clip  to Assess the sound 
Basic Audio Editing in FCP 10.2
On the final cut pro interface  the timeline shows  a short film  that  has been   assembled  in its desired sequence . The audio track (green ) is also visible on the time line and in this session you will learn to adjust the volume 
1. Load the clip on the timeline  
                 Open final cut pro  -  New  Library  -   name the new library  Sound adjustments  
                 Name the event  Sound demo
                 Import the FCP  file
                 Select in and Out points on the clip in the browser  and  then hit the  e   key   
2. Click  on the Audio levels buton :   Play the clip .
Normal sounds like the human voice should peak between negative 12 and negative 6 . Quiter sounds can be lower and loud sounds can be higher - but nothing should peak above zero. 
in observing the audio levels the music sits  between these parameters 
However there are a few issues with the sound that should be corrected 
.The narrator's introduction peaks at  around 30 seconds .
 We can adjust this  in various ways 
 On the timeline select an inpoint  (30. 15   )  -  press i      and   an outpoint - press o  at  31.06   
a Directly manipulate  the volume by placing your mouse on the black line of the audio track and use your mouse to raise  it up or down
 b Use  the property inspector ( command 4 ) where you can adjust the volume slider in the audio tab
enter -5  decibels 
play and assess 
c Perform Audio keyframing  by using Option+ click  on the audio's black line on the time line and you can see a little plus sign appear right next to your cursor which means you are able to add a key frame . You can apply 2- 3 key frames and then drag the black line  up or down to effect the volume on that particular part of the track 
d Select and delete  the sound from the audio track on the time line 



1. Adjust   the   volume where the narrators voice drops too low

2. Use key framing to lower the birdcalls    





Remove the birds sound completely from the clip by selecting and deleted the sound

Next Chapter 
Repairing audio problems automatically
Adjusting Audio  EQ
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