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SAC Revision




The name and production date of the texts studied are


Gallipoli 1981    Shame  1988


Question 1


(a) Describe an idea, an attitude or a discourse that is

evident in a text that you studied this year.


short answer worth 3 marks



(b) Describe the term emerging value

Provide definition worth 3 marks



(C) Identify and explain key events that occurred in society during the texts production  that may have influenced a representation/s or value/s from one text studied


Provide 3 examples  of events and  where they may have influenced or be  evident  in a value or representation for  a 1980s


3 marks


(d) Explain and discuss how a social value reflected in your text was also represented in either one television commercial or popular song of the same period.


For this response you need to firstly reference the value from the main text and then indicate how this value has reinforced or opposed in another media text ( e,g -song - tv advertisement )  worth 3 marks


Question 2



Media texts often reflect the social values of the period in which they were made. The representations within the texts can also reflect the social values and important events of the time. 


Select   any   2   representations    from the list below  




Archy Hamilton, Frank Dunne The Australian soldiers: The British Commanding Officers , Mateship or Sport 




Asta Caddell, Lizzie Curtis, Tim Curtis, Wal Cuddy    Mrs Rodolph: Danny Fiske and the gang of boys   


Answer the following


  • Describe the representations and how the representations were introduced and constructed (costume, camera, sound, visual composition 

  • Explain the social value(s) embodied within the representation. And how these values may reflect events that occurred during the production of the text



Address each dot point : You need to  give attention to how the representation  was introduced. Look to any production values- such as camera  shot or angle, visual composition , sound and costume. Discuss how this representation has been framed from the outset to either engage , confront or be in opposition to the audience


Then discuss  through the characters development  the values embodied in the representation and how these values may  represent  events that occured during the production period



Question 3 (a)

An oppositional social value is strongly positioned against dominant social values often within the same media text.


Discuss and describe how a dominant value  such as Patriotism/ pride in Australia was represented in Gallipoli through Archy. Compare Archy’s attitude and values with an oppositional value held by   Frank Dunne .



8 marks



3(b) Discuss how SHAME reflects the emerging rights of Women in the late 1980s which challenge and  oppose values in Ginborak and  the tension this creates.


Discuss the values   Shame challenges or opposies towards the   representation of Australian identity  evident in Gallipoli 


To address this question you must focus on the central character Asta -  her actions in the text and how she typifies the changing role of women in Australian society ( evidenced by events during the production period)  


The second part of the question requires you to compare Shame with Gallipoli  and discuss the values  Gallipoli celebrates  which Shame opposes 7 years 

later in the 80s decade


10 marks







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