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Preparing for the Narrative SAC












There are a number of really effective ways to study and prepare yourself for the Narrative SAC 


Make sure your have a Copy of the films and view them again: This  gives you  the benefit of  using the remote to pause through scenes to identify camera shots or lighting or mise en scene whilst you take  notes  - that may be specific to production elements  such as very expressive  lighting or dramatic sound or dynamic mise en scene.


Work through the Narrative Cram notes that you can download here:  This ensures that you will revise your knowledge and understanding of the story and production elements and have written examples














Complete some previous SACS and  email them to your teacher for correction  you can download below
















The most important thing is to study and be prepared to ensure you maximise your SAC grade































































































Trying the Narrative section of the 2016  exam is a great way to further prepare for the SAC . Also note the examiners report which provides assessment


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