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Criteria 5. SC5    Demonstrated behaviours and attitudes consistent with Department values, including a proven commitment to reflective practice and to continually improving the quality of teaching.


 I am highly passionate towards my role and responsibilities as a teacher and the opportunity I have within my vocation to make positive contributions to the holistic development of my students. It is evident that social media plays a significant role in young people’s social interaction, communication and engagement. As an experienced Media, Humanities and IT teacher I aim to foster and promote a critical understanding and responsible and productive use of the media. I have specialised in developing contemporary Media and Information Technology curriculum that empowers, inspires and engages students to develop and express their creativity and to enhance their academic ability. I aim to bring an open mind, a positive attitude, and high expectations to the classroom each day. I believe as a teacher I have an important responsibility to my students, as well as the community, to model consistency, diligence, and warmth and to inspire and encourage such traits in my students.

  • In my teaching practice I endeavour to energise, encourage and promote academic excellence, leadership and development of the complete person. I aim to foster in my students critical thinking, the acquisition of life-long learning skills, and problem-solving strategies that will assist them beyond the classroom. I aim to prepare students to function effectively in an information economy and to become active and responsible global citizens.

  • As a career educator I have great respect and commitment to my role as a teacher and the trust and high expectations invested by students, parents and the community. As such I view the way I conduct myself, make decisions and interact with colleagues, students and parents as integral to my role as a teacher. Within my profession I uphold the values of Responsiveness, Integrity, Impartiality, Accountability, Respect, Leadership and Human Rights and honour the privilege of teaching, to make a difference to young people’s lives and bring out the best in myself

  • Reflective practice provides a means for teachers to improve their practice to effectively meet the learning needs of their students.

  • I regularly self-assess the effect my  teaching has had on learning. consider new ways of teaching which can improve the quality of learning
    then apply these ideas in practice. The reflective process encourages me  to work with others so I  can share best practice and draw on others for support. Ultimately, reflection makes sure all students learn more effectively as learning can be tailored to them.

  • I thrive on the relations and rapport I establish with my students, professional colleagues and community.

  • I have maintained a page on my website to celebrate the vocational pathways of my  VCE students 

  •  I have assisted in many community projects with my students including the Moomba Festival, Northcote Festival, Creative Arts Festival, and May Time Fair. and Multicultural Festivals 

    • I practice and integrate my values of social justice and equity within many components of curriculum. 


  • I have been engaged in Community Service programs at the Willsmere Centre, Ozanam House and Jesuit Services 

  • I have worked as a volunteer English teacher to disadvantaged children in Vietnam and provided sponsorship to their further education. The outcome of which enabled 3 young Vietnamese children to attend and complete their secondary schooling and gain employment in their desired profession.

  • I have organised and conducted visitations to international schools in Asia to promote cross-cultural curriculum partnerships.

  • I have been actively engaged in the development of an International Social Justice study tour of Vietnam and Cambodia

  • I mentor international students in their integration to Australian culture and provide home stay accommodation and support.


  • I have authored and implemented staff handbooks incorporating codes of conduct, policies and procedures.

  • I have been highly active in promoting my schools amongst the broader community. Evidence of this has been in my role as Television producer for Optus Vision and Channel 31 where I have made television programs to promote the school.

  • I have introduced marketing initiatives through media outlets to showcase the work of students to the broader community. Evidence of this initiative can be viewed on the website I developed –, which promoted my students at Taylors College globally for the recruitment of international student enrolments.

  • I have been actively involved in extra and Co- curricular programs, to enrich the teacher student relationship. I have been a coach and Team Manager of Tennis, Swimming, Hockey, Basketball and Table Tennis for the Associated Public Schools.

  • I have a firm commitment to reflective practice as an ongoing, dynamic process of thinking honestly, deeply and critically about all aspects of professional practice with my students and their families. I continuously reflect deeply about my teaching practice, concerns for my students and their families and what I can do to support them. I monitor pedagogy and curriculum as part of continuous improvement, the different perspectives of my students and listen and learn from others.

  • In my role at Alia College, an independent alternative school I have the privilege to work in a community that values and encourages the voice and agency of students in school matters and encourages freedom of expression. In this progressive setting I often challenge my students to question and analyse the media’s impact on their lives, respond to these challenges and reflect and review their actions. 


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