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Persuasive Writing



What is personal persuasive writing?


Personal persuasive writing is even more difficult than informative essay writing. In informative essay writing your job is to present information on a topic. With personal persuasive writing you do not just present information; you must present your own opinion on an issue. In other words, you have to explain to your reader what you think about an important issue.


For example, people have different opinions about smoking in public places. Some think it is acceptable while others do not. What do you think? The answer to this question is your opinion. If you are writing on smoking in public places, you will be convincing the reader that what you think about this issue is the best opinion to have. Of course, you will need to convince your reader to accept your opinion by researching this issue.


Personal persuasive writing usually follow a certain structure and you should follow this structure as well.




Contention (your opinion):






Paragraph                       Each paragraph introduces a new point or argument.









Contentions, arguments and counter-arguments


The Group A statements below are contentions. The Group B statements are arguments and counter-arguments.



TASK Organise them so that you have relevant and appropriate arguments and counter-arguments for each contention.



Group A - Contentions:


Cloning of human beings is unacceptable.


Watching television can be a worthwhile activity for children.


People rely too much on technology.




Group B - Arguments and counter-arguments:


-    it limits our imagination

-    people are concerned about the possible dangers and so scientists would be careful not to misuse it

-    it enables us to do things we could not do ten years ago

-    the information diet is not varied enough to develop minds

-    we become prisoners of it since we do not function well without it

-    it is against the laws of nature

-    it reduces the amount of time people exercise their bodies

-    it creates massive unemployment

-      parents use it as a cheap convenience

 -     scientists could use it to eliminate differences between humans

 -     it is convenient for parents

 -     individuality is an important human characteristic

 -     it encourages children to see the world as a violent place

 -     it would help us eliminate diseases and human weaknesses

 -     it is entertaining

 -     we would save enormous sums of money on not having to treat people in hospitals

 -     it can be used to invade our privacy

 -     it can be very educational and shows us about the world we live in

 -     humans are losing the ability to be creative and skilful craftspeople

 -     it is an inexpensive activity

 -     it is too easy to blame it for making mistakes instead of taking responsibility for such mistakes

 -     it creates new forms of employment



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